God is indeed my salvation; I will trust in the Lord and won’t be afraid. Yes, the Lord is my strength and my shield; he has become my salvation.   Isaiah 12:2

The Book of Isaiah is the prophecies that came to him in visions during the reigns of four Kings of Judah.  It is like a mini Bible with it’s 66 chapters and it is filled with such wisdom and hope.  In the verse above, one word that  stands out to me is “become”.  God is becoming my salvation.  Becoming close to God is a process. For some, it comes gradually. Some are fortunate to be raised in a Godly home with scripture, prayer, devotions, and attend church their entire lives. But others may experience a life event where they find there is nowhere else to turn, and God becomes their salvation. It is from this place of sorrow and despair, when God is all you have, that we find God is all you need. In this scripture Isaiah talks about trusting God, leaning on Him for strength, letting Him shield us from harm. With that trust we are comforted when we are afraid. That is something God would want us to know because it is in the Bible 365 times to not be afraid.  Oh Isaiah, thank you.

Lord God we love you so. We praise you and remember how much you love us. Thank you for sending your Son to gift us with Your love. Let us always remember to turn to you first for strength and peace of mind. Our friends and family love us but You dear Lord have the answers and You Are the answer.