Isaiah 58:6 NRSV
Is not this the fast that I choose:
to loose the bonds of injustice,
to undo the thongs of the yoke,
to let the oppressed go free,
and to break every yoke?

Meditation: On this day, the beginning of Lent we think of Jesus and his
suffering through the writing of the prophet Isaiah. Both the Hebrew Bible
and the New Testament give testimony to the yoke that crushes freedom.
What would the world look like if the oppressed went free and every yoke
was not only loosened but broken? Gone! What a radical idea! The yoke to
me symbolizes the control that those with privilege have over those without
power. And into that conflict, between the haves and the have-nots, is
where Jesus is directing us: our hearts and our actions move us towards
those who seek justice. He whispers …. make freedom a reality.

Prayer: The season of Lent reminds us that our beloved Lord lived his life as
an example of one who loosened as many yokes as he could and taught us
to do the same.  Amen