Scripture: I will exult and rejoice in your steadfast love, because you have seen my affliction: you have taken heed of my adversities.  Psalm 31:7

Meditation:  Does anyone in this earthly life escape from afflictions?  Whether it is a miscarriage, an untimely death, a struggle with cancer, sudden job loss… one escapes the pain of living. What does it mean to say that God has taken heed of our afflictions? The psalmist writes because he knows that God is aware of his afflictions.   For me, it means that God is aware of our struggles.  We are not alone. God is always present in our lives especially if we allow God into our lives.  The Apostle Paul wrote frequently of his afflictions, even after God intervened in his life and he became a follower of Jesus. He became one of the earliest theologians for what became Christianity. He lived with his afflictions knowing that God took heed of them, and that God was still with him. He was still a child of God, loved for who he was, not unloved because of who he was. The same is true for us as we deal with our own lives. We are still children of God. 

Prayer:Dear Lord, give us the strength to lean on you as well as the humility to rely on you as we deal with the afflictions upon us.