Psalm 40: 5-6   You (God) have done so many wonderful things, had so many tender thoughts toward us….that go on and on, ever increasing.  Who can compare with You?  Sacrifices and offerings are not what You want…You have opened my ears and now I understand!  (from The Voice Translation)

Meditation:   I love these simple declarative statements!   God who loves us has tender and intimate thoughts that are continually directed to us.  Imagine this—God is always thinking about you and me.  We are always in the mind and heart of God, even when we are not aware of it, or consciously acknowledge it.   This is worth meditating about and praying about throughout the day today!

And a second thought:   God desires that we open our ears and our eyes and our hearts to respond to God’s grace and love. When we are open to God then we can live with joy!

Prayer:   God open my ears to hear your wisdom.  Open my eyes to see your grace.  Open my heart to receive your good gifts that continually come into my life.  Amen.