Scripture:  Happy are those whose transgression is forgiven, whose sin is covered. Psalm 32:1

Meditation: I assume that we have all experienced some dark times when we go through our day to day lives with heavy hearts due to some transgression we may have committed. We may have wronged a friend, a spouse, one of our children, or even a stranger, perhaps unintentionally. The knowledge that we have done so can be very hard to bear, especially when we know that we have hurt or angered someone we care about. Sometimes we might try to make amends, but the person who has been hurt or angered may not be ready to listen, may not be ready to forgive. There are times when our hearts may become so burdened with the heavy weight of our transgressions that we feel as if they will burst with sadness. The good news is that our God is always with us, ready to listen to our confessions of wrongdoing that are weighing us down. If we are still and ready to listen and look inside of ourselves, we can gain great comfort from sharing our burdens and talking with God. Just the mere act of laying everything out on the table before God can lift the heaviness from our hearts and help us to be able to think clearly and formulate a plan for peace. Our happiness will return to us when we bring our transgressions before God, knowing that God will forgive us, and we may come out from under the heaviness of guilt and despair. The heavy load is lightened just by acknowledging our wrongdoing and saying the words, “Please forgive me.” Talking things over with God restores our happiness to us.

Prayer: Dear God, during this Lenten season we remember the words of our beloved savior Jesus when he asked you to forgive those who put him on the cross to die. Forgiveness is powerful. Thank you, God, for always listening to our confessions and restoring our happiness with the knowledge that you will forgive us. Please open our hearts to forgiving others who have wronged us as well. In Jesus’ name we ask it. Amen