It’s time for our annual school supplies drive for Lee Elementary School! Did you know that parents spend an average of $600 on school supplies? That’s just beyond the reSchool supplies collectionach of many struggling families.   Help us collect supplies so kids in Lee Elementary School get a good start!
Watch for collection boxes or bring your contributions to the church. For further information, call the church at 413-243-1033 or Lea Bartini, Administrative Assistant to the Principal of Lee Elementary School 243-0336, ext. 1000.
Here is a list of what is needed:
Pencils #2 Ticonderoga
Pencil top erasers
Regular erasers
Blue & Black pens
Colored pencils
Crayons 8 – 16 – 24 count
Blunt scissors
Black Marble Composition books
One subject notebooks
Index cards
Glue sticks
Plastic spoons (in a sealed box)
Baby & disinfectant wipes
Ziploc bags
Hand sanitizer (St John’s natural)


We are so excited to welcome staff and volunteers from Multicultural BRIDGE who will be using our community room every other Friday to gather and distribute healthy, fresh, delicious food to 115 food-insecure families throughout Berkshire County! If you would like to volunteer to be part of this effort, please contact Multicultural BRIDGE or call the Lee Congregational Church office (413-243-1033) for more information.…


We believe in putting our faith into action. Through the United Church of Christ Global Ministries we participate in an extended ministry to those of special need throughout the nation and the world.  


Uniting in prayer, action, and giving, we stand as a people of faith in love and compassion with the people of Ukraine and all who are affected, and with our global partners who are welcoming those driven from their homes.”  —  UCC Ukraine Appeal

We are all deeply troubled by events unfolding in Ukraine, and our hearts are deeply touched by the desperate Ukrainians fleeing their homeland.  While there are many worthy agencies doing excellent work to address this crisis, here are two suggestions that you can be confident will use your contributions in the best possible way.  UNICEF has been chosen by the Missions & Ministry Committee for its global relief ministry.  Only 3% of donations to this highly effective organization go to administrative costs.


Gifts made to UCC Ukraine Relief Fund will provide shelter, food, and other care to war refugees and internally displaced people. It also will help refugees and asylum seekers from African, Middle Eastern and other countries who had sought refuge in Ukraine and now are twice displaced, as well as other citizens of more than 125 countries living in Ukraine.


UNICEF is working with partners to provide vital humanitarian supplies and to reach vulnerable children and families with essential services, including health, education, protection, water and sanitation.  It’s very easy to make a donation from the UNICEF website and you can designate that you want your donation to go to help Ukraine.

If you would like to contribute to either of these options through the church, you can write your check to the church and designate either UCC Ukraine Appeal or UNICEF in the memo line.  Thank you for your concern, your generosity, and your prayers for Ukraine and its people.

Now, closer to home:

Imagine trying to get everywhere you need to go in Berkshire County without a car–it’s nearly imposWheels for Wellness volunteer transportation servicesible!  Berkshire Interfaith Organizing (BIO) is introducing a new campaign recruiting volunteers (retired seniors ages 59-79) to drive Berkshire residents to medical appointments.  Consider the rewards of becoming a volunteer in this important program.

Besides these campaigns, in our community we offer both financial support and personal participation in programs such as Berkshire Interfaith Organizing (BIO) Construct Inc., Relay for Life, the Lee Food Pantry, UNICEF, the Berkshire Community Diaper Project , Multicultural Bridge and the Not in Our County campaign, and Church World Service. Our building and grounds are also used by many community activities and service organizations including the Lee Farmer’s Market.