Living out a faith that knows:  God loves us, Jesus guides us, and the Church welcomes us.

We believe in putting our faith into action. Through the United Church of Christ Global Ministries we participate in an extended ministry to those of special need throughout the nation and the world.

We recently got together for a good time of fellowship and to discuss Toni Morrison’s book, The Bluest Eye.

The #1 cause of bankruptcy in this country is medical debt. Medical debt is a huge problem, causing the poorest among us to cut back on necessities like food and limiting their access to needed health care.

RIP Medical Debt is an important new initiative of the Southern New England Conference of the United Church of Christ. RIP

gives you the power to eradicate medical debt for pennies on the dollar. Every $10 you donate eliminates $

1,000 in debt. Wouldn’t you like to help?  Watch this exciting, inspirational video conversation to learn more.

We’re proud of our team of volunteers for the 10th annual Appalachian Service Project, “a Christian ministry, open to all people, that inspires hope and service through volunteer home repair and replacement in central Appalachia.”

Here in our community we offer both financial support and personal participation in programs such as Construct Inc., Relay for Life, the Lee Food Pantry, the Berkshire Community Diaper Project , Multicultural Bridge and the Not in Our County campaign, Church World Service and Berkshire Interfaith Organizing (BIO). Our congregation has voted to become a Level 2 supporter for BIO’s Sanctuary Network.  Our building and grounds are also used by many community activities and service organizations including the Lee Farmer’s Market.