Scripture:  “For nothing will be impossible with God.” Luke 1:37

Meditation:   It’s easy to see God in the beauty of the earth, in grace and redemption, the change of seasons, the miracle of life, the sunrise and sunset. Tides, science, climate, space. God’s there, and it’s Their hand and power in all of that awesomeness. The literal perfection of each breath is a daily rainbow promise.

But then there are bills, there’s heartbreak. There’s adversity, inequity, hate. War. There’s pain and loneliness, addiction. There’s loss and despair. But I believe it’s here, if we are truly open and listening, that God speaks the loudest. I think we need to stretch and extend… Experience the depths of our own vulnerability, to truly believe that nothing is impossible with God.

An amazing friend shared advice during a dark time of transition for me, “Just turn to the light. Always look for the light and stand in it.” God reflects Their light in people all around us, and through us as well. And it is when it is darkest that Their light shines the brightest. Trusting that nothing is impossible encourages us to explore a deeper relationship with God and others, and to live authentically in faith and light.