John 1:43
The next day Jesus decided to go to Galilee. He found Phillip and said to Him, “Follow Me”.
I journeyed to Fenway Park last summer to see a Red Sox game. My friend who had our tickets, hurried confidently ahead of me thru the crowd, saying, “follow me!” I had great difficulty doing so. I kept losing sight of him. My friend knew to which section we were going, but I did not know. Following Jesus is sometimes difficult too. He doesn’t always travel in a straight line; he often moves ahead faster than I do; people kept stepping between us. For a few scary moments in Fenway, I lost sight of my friend altogether; the back of his head looked like everybody else’s. I managed to stay close enough not to get hopelessly lost. Suddenly, he turned up a ramp; I followed close behind. We emerged into a sunlit stadium filled with people looking for a place to rest, with ushers pointing the way. Following Jesus is not always easy – I think however, that in a crowd, he somehow keeps track of each one of us.
Thank you, Lord for waiting for me to catch up. AMEN