In the early days of the Covid crisis I read a report that suggested the deaths would be in the hundreds of thousands. By comparison, millions have died in recent wars. What if the world worked as hard to end war as it is working to end the Covid crisis?

Just as Hurricane Katrina demonstrated the vulnerability of this nation’s poor and especially its African-American citizens, so also the Covid crisis is killing a much higher percentage of its poor and African-American victims. What would it be like to live in a nation in which each person’s health and well-being was equally valued and supported?

Some years ago, when I saw the movie, “The Martian”, I was caught up in the worldwide campaign of concern for the one human who had become stranded alone on Mars. The whole world was watching and hoping for his rescue. It turned out that his salvation came from China! What if every individual human life received that same degree of interest and concern?

When warfare is outlawed and the bomb is banned;

when safety and hygiene are the laws of the land;

when dignity and respect bow to every woman and man;

when children are treasured and all understand

that consciousness is sacred,

we will then hand-in-hand

build a world of compassion.

We’ll strike up the band

and justice for all will be our demand.

Blessings and peace,