Why Don’t They Get It?    Dr Jay is inviting you to consider participating in a study group about ‘bias’.  We will use a book as the basis of our discussions:  Why Don’t They Get It? by Rev. Brian McLaren.   This book identifies a number of ways in which our mental, emotional, experiential  and spiritual biases can lead us to misunderstand others and to be misunderstood by them.  As people of faith we can grow in our understanding of justice, racism by understanding some common forms of bias.  We can become less critical of others, more compassionate, and more spiritually alive by learning to overcome our own biases.
This book discussion will be offered on three Tuesdays beginning on the 15th of June and you can participate in either a morning gathering at 10am or an evening session at 7pm.   Information about how to get a copy of the book will be available from Dr Jay after you sign up.