• You Are Welcome Here

    Located in Lee MA, we are a welcoming, fun-loving, inter-generational, family-friendly congregation with Spirit-filled worship services and extensive community engagement
  • Be the Church

    Protect the environment. Care for the poor. Forgive often. Reject racism. Fight for the powerless. Share earthly and spiritual resources. Embrace diversity. Love God. Enjoy this life.
  • You Are Welcome Here

    We have both in-person and online worship (via Facebook). Please join us!
  • You Are Welcome Here

    Despite the pandemic, our church is active and engaged in ministry and service. Education programs, involvement in the wider community, and worship.

Founders Statement

“It is the aim of this church to present a religion as considerate of persons as the teachings of Jesus; as devoted to justice as the Old Testament prophets; as responsive to Truth as science; as beautiful as art; as intimate as the home; and as indispensable as the air we breathe.”

Join Us for Worship!

Rev. Cara DavisWelcome from our Bridge Pastor Rev. Cara Davis!  I am very happy to invite you to worship with this compassionate congregation of people who are seeking to follow the teaching and spirit of Jesus in our lives.  Our choir is leading us in worship and we seek to have our messages be relevant, inspiring and challenging.  Our worship is at 10:30am on Sunday morning in person or streaming live or any time on FaceBook, accessible from this link.  You don’t need a Facebook account; just scroll down and select the “videos” tab.

For in-person worship, masks and physical distancing are no longer required but are still recommended if you are at higher risk of Covid-related consequences.  If you have questions, call the church office at 413-243-1033 or email uccleechurch@gmail.com.

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